The safety and duty of care of our guests, colleagues and our families are our main priority at Nuremore Hotel & Country Club. 
All our operating procedures have been reviewed throughout the hotel complex to ensure we continue to provide excellent service 
while adhering to social distancing and increased hygiene measures.   

For our guests & employee’s wellbeing we are adhering strictly to the Government, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, 
together with 
expert systems to enhance our cleaning and hygiene measures in compliance with our industry experts


Your stay with us will be a safe escape as we have very spacious bedrooms and dining areas for social distancing to cater for everyone, even our little ones. 



All operating procedures throughout the Nuremore Hotel & Country Club has been reviewed and reworked to ensure a safe, clean and inviting environment and 

this is the core our commitment to providing the highest level of hospitality.


In response to COVID-19, we have initiated and are maintaining industry-leading and scientifically driven elevated cleanliness standards to safeguard the wellbeing of our guests 

and colleagues

• We have implemented a flow management system for customers front of house and associates back of house, to ensure social distancing at all times.

• The new standard for the hotel will be that all guests will have a pre-booking process for all experiences throughout the hotel. This will alleviate waiting periods for our guests.

• We have added sanitising stations at all key entry and exit points including public toilets and elevator lobbies.

• We have invested in PPE and screens in key public areas and back of house to ensure a preventative approach and the health & safety of all 

• Our complete team will be fully trained on Coronavirus protocals 



• PPE: Our team will be wearing personal protective equipment and will have been trained on the complete safety measures.

• Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers and hand washing areas are available in all food & beverage areas and outside restrooms.

• Protective Screens: We have installed protective screens in our reception desks to protect customers and staff.

• Increased Frequency of Cleaning: Door handles, table tops, handrails and trolleys are cleaned several times a day to ensure your safety.

• Social Distancing: Our food & beverage areas are following the 2 metre distancing guidelines throughout the back and front of house.

• Flow Management: We have introduced a one-way flow management system for customers entering and exiting the hotel and key outlets. This system will be managed by personnel at the front door of the hotel, with clear signage indicating social distancing and directions.

• Digital Payments: We are encouraging cashless / contactless payments. Guests will have the facility to pre-pay before arrival on our website. 

• Menus: We will be using sanitised covered menus to prevent cross contamination.

• Condiments: Individually packaged condiments will only be available to our guests. 



• The Nuremore Safe Escape Experience: We will customise your stay at the pre-arrival reservations stage to ensure all your preferred times are pre-booked for all facilities on the complex.

• Arrival: Arriving guests will have the option to self pre-check in, including their registration. Manual check in will have a designated area and will be have signage denoting social distancing and directions.

• Protective screens: We have installed protective screens at reception to keep safe our arriving guests and team.

• Sanitisation: Clearly marked sanitisation areas will be in place for our guests and also the high touch points such as elevators, 

reception check in area, credit card terminals etc ...



• Mobile check in: Our contact less safe pre check in will be available for all our guests, guests will collect their sanitised wrapped keys at reception.

• Car Parking: Our Spacious Car park is available.

• Luggage: Luggage will only be delivered to the room on guests request and the luggage handles will be sanitised and then delivered to your room.

• In-room requests:  Guest requests will be done through our system and our team will adhering to social distancing.



• Mobile and Manual checkout options are available.



• Training: The housekeeping team have undergone retraining on all standards in relation to PPE, physical distancing, cleaning standards and hygiene practices.

• Operating Standards: All cleaning standards have been fully reviewed and updated to ensure we have robust enhanced cleanliness and hygiene practices.

• PPE: All associates will wear appropriate personal protective equipment and are fully trained in how to put on and remove PPE safely.

• Your Room is Your Room. No hotel personnel will enter your room during your stay without your permission.  We will provide replenished amenities – including towels 

and linens– in sanitized packaging. 

• Upon arrival, each room will include a sealed safety sticker to confirm the room has been sanitised and not been entered after this has be preformed. 

• Sanitising Stations: Hand sanitising stations are placed throughout public areas. 

• Sanitising Schedule: We have implemented a documented sanitising program in place to ensure all public area high touch points 

(door handles/ lifts/ hand rails etc.) are sanitised on a regular basis throughout each day.

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